Scrambling or mountaineering is an activity somewhere between walking and rock climbing.  Part of a mountain journey, you regularly employ a rope for safety, and you get to some amazing places. Join The Lakes Mountaineer to learn the skills to go scrambling independently or get guided up some of the scrambling classics of the Lake District.

Scrambling has three grades:
Grade 1: Think walking on steep rocks when you need your hands. You'll wear a helmet and harness plus a rope on certain sections.
Grade 2: You'll need you hands pretty much all the time, and we'll be roped up for most of the scramble.
Grade 3: As with grade 2, but you'll be on a rope the whole time. These routes include short sections of rock climbing.

Guided Scrambling

Grade 1 routes include Jack's Rake on Pavey Arc or Sharp Edge on Blencathra. Grade 3 is the top end, which might have very short sections of climbing as on Pinnacle Ridge on St Sunday's Crag. 

Suggested itineraries:
Near Keswick: Cam Crag and Intake Ridge (grade 2/3)
Near Glenridding: Pinnacle Ridge (grade 3)
Near Ambleside: Jack's Rake (gr1), Harrison Stickle (gr2)
Wastwater: Scrambles near the famous Napes Needle (grade 2/3).

Grade 1:  £160 for 1 person, plus £20 per person (max 6 people)
Grade 2 or 3: £200 total for 1 or 2 people

Family Scrambling Adventures

Mega-Mountains: Parent and child scrambling day. For the more adventurous, take on a harder scramble in the mountains. we'll be tackling grade 2 and 3 routes. Suggested age 11+.

 £190 total for 2 people.

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  • learning how to lower
  • grade 1 scrambling

Learn Scrambling Skills

Learn the skills to look after yourself and your party, such as anchor selection or how to move swiftly as a team. You can learn effectively with up to 4 people. In a day you can learn the basics, experiencing a scramble and trying a few techniques, but 2 or 3 days would allow real progression towards independence.
1 day: £200/day for 2 people + £20/extra person
2 days: £180/day for 2 people + £20/extra person/day
3+ days: £170/day for 2 people + £20/extra person/day
Maximum number of people varies dependant upon objectives.