Rock Climbing Instruction, Coaching and Experiences

If this is the first time you put on a harness, or you are experienced climbers wanting to review and add to your skills, The Lakes Mountaineer offers a range of courses to suit you.

Below you will find our 1-day offerings, as well as our 2- to 5-day courses.

If you can't see exactly what you want, drop us a line and we'll put together a package tailored to your skills and ambitions.

"The course was a perfect mix of laughter, multi-pitch/single-pitch technical climbs, skills building and ultimately safety tactics. Ben is well versed in maintaining the balance between pushing you beyond your perceived comfort zone and encouraging you to a point he knew was within your means. I came away feeling more accomplished than I thought possible in four days as Ben adapted the course to each of our learning styles - Thanks Ben!" - 4-day Learn to Lead course, 2021

Rock Climbing Experiences

An ideal way for a group to try out rock climbing as part of your holiday, staycation or just because!
Single-pitch: ideal for groups to stay together, and no long walks to the crag (less than 15 minutes) with plenty of time for everyone to try out a range of climbs and abseiling.
Multi-pitch climbing is a 1 or 2 person experience, best for those with some experience, but tuition with a highly qualified instructor is to hand if you have none. 

Try out single-pitch climbing with a group of family or friends. Get the opportunity to try a selection of climbs, have a go at abseiling and do some bouldering.

Group climbing: £180/day for 2 people + £25 per extra person

Multi-pitch guiding to climb a secluded mountain route, or multiple on a crag, this is an unforgettable experience. Some climbing experience preferable.

Guided climbing: £200 for 1 
or 2 people
  • family holiday activity

Family Adventures

Mini-Mountains: Abseiling and climbing in the morning, followed by a treasure hunt (navigation!) in the afternoon - for kids (7+).

Mighty Mountains: Family rock day - half a day rock climbing then half a day scrambling grade 1 - best for older kids 10+.

Mega-Mountains: Parent and child scrambling day: for the more adventurous, take on a harder scramble in the mountains.

Climbing Instruction

We offer a broad range of courses from 1-day refreshers to 5-day climbing courses
but if you can't find what you need below, just drop us a message.

First outdoor moves: Being a second

If you want to start climbing outdoors, the first stage is to be able to be a competent second for other lead climbers. If you have no experience, or just some indoor routes to your name, this 2-day course will teach you the necessary skills. 

We will cover: Different types of belaying; Equipment; Removing gear; Racking gear for the leader; Rope management; Climbing efficiently; Abseiling safety; Multi-pitch climbing; Guidebook use; Building anchors. 

One day will be spent at a single-pitch venue, the other on a multi-pitch crag.

Being a Second 2-day course:
£380 for 1 or 2 people

Learning to lead trad routes

If you want to move from sport to trad, or are a competent second but want to try your hand at leading, this is the course for you. 

Based at single-pitch crags, during the two days we will cover: Placing protection; Rope management; Top-roping; Bottom-roping; Abseiling; Protecting your second; Gear selection; Guide book use and route reading; Belaying; Problem avoidance; Crag etiquette; How to choose the right route for you.

Learning to Lead Trad 2 day course:  
£380 for 1 or 2 people then £100/extra person (max. 4 people)

Sport routes: Indoors to Outdoors

This 2-day course is designed for climbers who have lead indoor routes and want to become competent outdoor leaders on sport routes. 

We will cover:  Guide books; Crag etiquette;  Equipment;  Assessing bolts; Belaying sport routes; Re-threading different lower offs; Leading techniques; Stripping routes; Problem avoidance; Problem solving e.g. what to do if you can’t finish a route; Physical, psychological, technical and tactical methods to improve your climbing; Oh, and some climbing too!

Indoors to Outdoors 2 day course:  
£380 for 1 or 2 people then £100/extra person (max. 4 people)

All-round climber

This course is for pairs of climbers who may not have much outdoor experience but aspire to lead routes. Your skill sets and experience will be built up over the five days, with the aim of getting you both leading by the end of the week. The exact mix of days will be tailored to your current skills and future ambitions, and may be adapted during the week as you progress.

Sample Itinerary:
Day 1: Single pitch climbing: top-ropes, abseiling, placing gear.
Day 2: Multi-pitch climbing: building anchors, seconding. 
Day 3: Sport climbing: rethreading anchors, problem avoidance.
Day 4: Single pitch climbing: your first trad leads.
Day 5: Multi-pitch climbing: leading skills on multi-pitch routes.

All-round Climber 5-day course for 2 people:  
£900 (£450 per person)

1 day of instruction: Single-pitch

These easy access crags are great for learning the first stages of being an outdoor climber.  Depending on your previous experience, you could use the day to learn:

How to set up top ropes;
How to be a competent second;
Lead climbing on sport or trad routes;
Moving from indoor to outdoor climbing;
How to set up and protect abseils.

£190 for 1 or 2 people then £50/extra person  (max. 6)

1-day of Instruction: Multi-pitch

Whether it is memory fade after time off climbing recently, a return after many years, or if you want to move to the next level of knowledge, The Lakes Mountaineer can help you. Popular topics to cover:

Climbing MOT - correct your habits and memory fade;
How to climb multi-pitch routes;
What to do when your partner can't follow a pitch;
How to retreat from a route.

Total £200 for1 or 2 people

Indoor Instruction and Coaching

Instruction: If you just want a fun experience on a wet day, or want to learn how to lead indoors, then we can provide the equipment and the know-how. 
£100 for 1 or 2 people then add £50 per extra person (min 2 hours). Includes climbing wall entry fees and climbing shoes.

Coaching: Taking a look at your climbing movement and tactics on bouldering or roped climbing. 
1-to-1 indoor coaching: £55 for 2 hours; group prices available.

All indoor instruction and coaching will take place at Lakeland Climbing Centre, Kendal.