Family Adventures

Give the family an adventure you are sure to remember.

Choose from three different days of activity, based around four different mountain sports - rock climbing, abseiling, scrambling and navigation.

Navigation is designed as a treasure hunt to keep the youngest members of the family challenged and entertained, but you'll be taught how to use map and compass along the way.

Alternatively, ask us to put together a bespoke day or half day to fit in with your requirements and time.

See our scrambling page for more information on what this is!

Mini Mountains

£140 for up to 3 people 
4 or more: £40/person

  • For families or groups
  • Up to 8 people
  • Climb/abseil, treasure hunt
  • Recommended age 7+
  • Full day of activities

Mighty Mountains

£150 for up to 3 people
4 or more: £45/person

  • For families or groups
  • Up to 6 people
  • Climb, abseil and scramble
  • Recommended age 10+
  • Full day of activities

Mega Mountains

£190 for 2 people

  • Parent and child scramble
  • 2 people only
  • Grade 2 or 3 scrambles
  • Recommended age 11+
  • Full day activity