How to Book

I'm unsure what is right for me, or I want a bespoke course: Send us an email on

I want to check availability or book immediately: Go to our Beyonk booking page which has most of our offerings (max £6 Beyonk fee).

Otherwise, please drop us an email or fill in the form below, and as soon as we're off the hill, we'll get back to you with what we can offer.

Payments: Payment can be made by direct bank transfer or by credit card (we send you a Zettle payment link)
or, for most offerings, immediately online by visiting our Beyonk booking page (max £6 Beyonk fee).

Terms and Conditions are listed below the form on this page. 

Terms and Conditions

Bookings are not finalised until full payment has been received by The Lakes Mountaineer.
All these activities have some inherent danger. Accidents and injuries can happen, irrespective of the level of competence of guide, instructor or participant. All participants must be aware of this, and accept this. Covid-19 is included as a potential danger.  

If you decide to cancel, the following refunds apply: more than 1 month before - full refund less any fees incurred; more than 14 days before - 50% refund; 14 days or fewer before - no refund.
We suggest you take out cancellation and curtailment insurance for any bookings, and appropriate activity insurance.
The Lakes Mountaineer will endeavour to ensure all days run. However, alterations from planned activities may have to be made when weather or safety dictate. If we cancel the course owing to staff illness or the above reasons, a full refund will be given.
If your actions indicate you are putting, or may put, yourself or others in danger, you will be excluded from the remainder of the course without refund.

Age limits and ability
Under 18s must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times.
Some courses are not appropriate for under 18s. However, as experience and ability can vary enormously, we have no hard and fast rule.
Some courses require a level of competence before participation. All effort will be made to adapt courses, but if this is not possible, then this will be viewed as a cancellation on your part.
All participants must be able and willing to follow safety instructions issued by the guide or instructor. Failure to do so is at your own risk.

Privacy policy
Any information given to us (names, addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth) will be kept for contact or age verification reasons only.
We will not offer any information we hold to any other party unless required to do so for registration of awards etc - you will be informed beforehand of this. If you wish us to remove or change your information at any time, we will do so.
Medical and emergency contact details will be required.
We will ask for your permission before using your email for our marketing purposes.
We use Facebook, Instagram and other social media and will ask you to 'be friends', 'like' or 'follow' us etc. You may of course 'unfriend' us etc. if you no longer wish to receive updates.
By booking with us, you agree to this policy.


How long does it take you to reply?

As mountaineering is a time intensive activity, please expect a reply within 24 hours rather than immediately. The more information you give in your initial enquiry, the more accurate and complete a reply we can provide. Alternatively, please use the 'book now' buttons which are kept up-to-date with our current availability.

Can you find me a partner for my day?
If you are on your own, and would like to climb, walk, navigate or scramble with others, we can try to find another person to join us for the day. We'll email you if we have relevant enquiries.

How do I pay?

Payment is taken by bank transfer (no fee) or by card on a Zettle link(small fee) we will send you or by card when booking on our Beyonk booking page (if you use this method, there is a Beyonk booking fee of £6).

What is included?
An appropriately qualified and insured instructor or guide, all necessary ropes and group gear. For beginners or taster and family sessions, all equipment is included. For more advanced courses, please discuss with us if you do not have anything on the kit list. It is always better to use your own if you have them. Please ask for advice if you are going to buy your own. Lunch, drinks, travel and your own insurances are not included.

What equipment do I need?
For taster sessions, you don't need any equipment. apart from your clothing to keep you warm and dry, and appropriate footwear. For more advanced courses, you will receive a kit list when you book, but as an overview, you'll need appropriate clothing and waterproofs for the conditions. Scramblers will need harness and helmet, and climbers will need harness, helmet, rock shoes and belay device. We can provide any of these items that you don't have except shoes, but can advise where to hire these if necessary. Navigators will need a compass and map.

Do I need a map and compass?
Only those on navigation courses need a map and compass, but by all means bring them for walking days if you wish. If you are going to buy a compass, get one with a long baseplate. We suggest either the Suunto A-30 or M3 (two versions, budget dependent), or if you prefer Silva, the Expedition 4. However, most compasses are ok.

What experience do I need?
On bespoke courses, whatever experience you have is the right amount - we can adapt to suit. However not all open courses can be appropriate for everyone. Please ask for advice if unsure.

How long are the days?
Unless stated otherwise, days will be planned so that we meet at 9 or 9:30 and finish by 4:30 (9 to 4 in winter). Please always advise us of any time constraints you have.

What about under 18s?
All under 18s must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times. This is non-negotiable as it is the law. As some under 18s have extensive experience and/or ability we don't preclude them from any activity as a rule. Please discuss your requirements with us. Age limits below 18 are not limits but guidelines.

What if I have to cancel?
If you cancel more than one month ahead, then you'll receive a full refund less any fees incurred; 50% refund if more than 14 days; sorry, but there's no refund if closer than that. Please ensure you have insurance to cover this if it is a concern.

Does The Lakes Mountaineer ever cancel?
We will endeavour to ensure that your booking will run. If climbing, rain may require a change of venue, grade or focus. In winter, the route may have to change for safety reasons. We can't account for illness and injury, but will try to find alternative arrangements. In the unlikely event we do cancel, you will get as much notice as possible as well as a full refund.

May I bring spectators?
Some courses are not appropriate for spectators. However, courses at climbing walls and some beginner courses or family adventures may be appropriate. Please ask and we can discuss this.

May I bring my dog?
Walking in summer conditions is usually fine for dogs, as long as they are kept under control at all times - this may mean on a lead. Please don't bring your dog on open navigation courses. Some dogs are content when tied up at the crag for a few hours while you climb if there is no other option. For anything else, we suggest them being with someone else where they'll have more fun.

Can I book The Lakes Mountaineer for other locations?
Most of our work is in the Lake District. However, walking holidays, courses and climbing trips have and can be been organised elsewhere in the UK.

What is your cookie policy?
We like cookies, but not if they have nuts in them.