Sustainability in the Mountains

What can you do to help keep your mountain activities sustainable?

A few ideas we've taken on board to help become more sustainable are listed below. The more you can do to help, the better.


Before you go

Resole walking boots/climbing shoes.
Repair items before replacing.
Use rechargeable batteries.
Use refillable water bottles.
Only wash full loads - releases less micro-plastic into water system.
Borrow or hire kit if you'll only need it a few times.


Buy locally - support local businesses in the area you are using.
Use public transport when possible.
Park responsibly, preferably in local car parks.
A short term electric car hire system is in place in the Lake District, based around train stations. Visit Co Wheels to find out more.

On the hill

Leave no litter or food (not even banana skins) on the hill.
Reduce erosion by sticking to paths.
Use a lunch box, not cling film.
Go before you go - there are no toilets on the hill.
Use toilet roll rather than tissues - tissues don't break down as they contain plastic. 
Toilet well away from paths. gates, walls and shelters.

What is The Lakes Mountaineer doing to be more environmentally friendly and ecologically sound? 

We've gone electric! A small electric car is all Ben needs to come and meet you anywhere in the Lake District and then get him back home again. He car shares when possible. We are a local service, offering the climbing, walking and scrambling exclusively in or around the Lake District 

Technical kit
Ropes, helmets, harnesses and slings contain plastic and cannot currently be made from recycled content due to safety considerations. We therefore buy products we believe to be more durable so they last longer. When they have reached the end of their life, they are donated to an 'upcycler' who uses various parts to make chalk bags, dog leads, bouldering mats etc. 

The offices
Our home offices are well-insulated, heated by a wood-pellet boiler, and partly powered by photo-voltaic solar panels, making the electric car even more environmentally efficient. Our light bulbs are LEDs and our electricity supplier delivers 100% renewable energy. Pension funds have been switched to ethical and environmental funds. 

Waterprooofs, personal clothing and kit
All newly-bought clothing and kit is bought from specific manufacturers with the best environmental credentials. We look after our kit by cleaning, reproofing, resoling and repairing as much as possible, and then downgrading (that old waterproof will do today).